Versatile beverages that are balanced, food friendly, and befitting of contemporary food culture.


From field to finish, we aim to make way, allowing varietal ingredients to express the subtleties of place and season.   


Our focus is on premium ingredients of singular character.  We source from sustainable farms and highlight ingredients harvested from long-lived perennial plants. Our sparkling beverages are free of refined sweeteners, colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.  


Our approach has always been informed by considering environmental and social practices, and we believe our beverages are a reflection of those values.  These considerations serve our sense of responsibility and purpose in creating beverages befitting contemporary food culture.  


Seasons Soda™, a Chicago based natural beverage company, was founded by Bobby Chang in the summer of 2012. In our beginnings as a vendor at Green City Market, we sold our sodas on draught every Wednesday and Saturday. All of our ingredients were sourced from the farmers at Green City and all of our sodas were produced batch by batch. We made what we wanted to drink: using only whole ingredients, processing as minimally as possible, and keeping it unembellished.

We have evolved since, serving restaurants, cafes, bars, and grocers, yet, our approach remains the same: source diligently and responsibly, process with innovation, and deliver a sparkling beverage that embodies the essence of its origins. Seasons Soda™ has become a favorite among tastemakers, bartenders, chefs, and prudent parents alike.


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